Who We Are
Upnormals Pingfans is A Digital Social Media Agency. We have a combined content developers, technologists, and social media strategists to help your company authentically engage with a wide range of audiences to impact brand awareness, reputation, customer service, product development and sales.

Upnormals PingFans can help you or your organization learn how the mechanics, art and strategies of social media work. Our goals are to put your company in a position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers.
Why Word of Mouth Marketing and Community Campaign:
Digital Social Media Campaign - Upnormals PingFans will listen and examine your ‘digital footprint’. Upnormals PingFans will find out the best possible way for your campaign in the world of social media, to  your brand’s objective.  (i.e : facebook page and widget/apps development, twitter setup, youtube video broadcast, blog publishing, social network site development)

Digital Creative Strategy Development - Upnormals PingFans will work with brand to find the best affordable creative ideas in digital field to engage consumers and drive brands fans to talk and promote your brand

Social Media Monitoring - The fact that many people still doubt the effectiveness of a campaign in the digital domain, make Upnormals PingFans realize that every marketers or professionals should get a comprehensive and systematic report toward how the digital campaign perform. Upnormals PingFans giving you a unique analytic and statistical tools, that could measure your social media’s performances. Our analytic engine,TwinkleSpin is ready to analyze your ‘digital footprint’, measuring, and monitoring the sentiment from your audiences.

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