Who We Are
Upnormals Group offers a comprehensive range of marketing and communications services. Upnormals Group consist of numerous specialty businesses that provide consumers with insight, word of mouth campaign, community marketing agency, digital marketing agency, sales and marketing training and learning, corporate social responsibility agency, media and publishing company to more than 100 clients in this leading nation of South East Asia.

Each business is managed with strong and distinctive cultures of the group. Upnormals is more than just a brand name of the group but also a culture that everyone within the group live with it. Upnormals is a religion, belief and a habit on how we live!
Why We Exist
  • Solution Beyond Normality
  • Every work we produce for clients is specific to their unique needs and problems. Upnormals always offer a solution that no-one else think it before. We think beyond normality.We produce abnormal ideas, Ideas beyond common thinking. Upnormals against normality. Normality is something that every agency or consultant offers. If your brand would like to keep doing the same thing, Upnormals Group is not part of your solution.

  • Disrupt The Status Quo
  • Status quo is the biggest enemy of innovation, Companies and brands tend to imitate their competitors' marketing and communication approach while neglecting the process to develop future brands ideas. Upnormals offers disruptive solution with game-changing ideas which aim to meet the needs of the upcoming customers in the market. When the concept is first introduced, this may not be appreciated by the mainstream market but would see a gradual commendation by the budding users of the service, or product who would value the change that has been brought about in the product or service.

    Disruptive innovation would gradually result in increase of the performance of the product or service that has undergone the innovation. This increase in the performance would steadily result in going beyond the imagination of the mainstream market of the product.

  • Think Simple
  • Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. Brands that win the battle are those who simplify customers' complexity. Upnormals will partner with brands to simplify the business and marketing process yet simplify brands' customers.
Upnormals comprises leading companies in all these disciplines:
  • Consumer Research and Insight
  • Nation's specialist consumer and marketing research services: NeuroSight (Neuro Marketing Research) and Onbee (Word of Mouth Research)

  • Creative Marketing Communication
  • Corporate and product brand marketing campaign, B2B and B2C : Buzz&Co (Word of Mouth and Community Marketing Agency) and Pingfans (Digital Marketing Agency)

  • Customer Loyalty Consultancy & Research
  • Hachiko is Indonesia's official partner of Net Promoter (NPS) Customer Loyalty - the world's best metric and solution of customer loyalty developed by Bain&Co, Satmetrix and Fred Reichheld. NPS is currently applied by hundred of global companies all over the world to increase its customer loyalty and financial performance.

  • Training, Learning and Corporate University
  • The biggest asset of any company is the people and hundred of billions spent every year to make sure that companies gain the best out of employees. Knowlogy and UNG & CO. focuses on increasing the level of employee performance through coaching, mentoring, training and learning process.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Nowadays, every company aims to achieve three Ps of bottom line : Profit, People and Planet. Profit organizations all over the world try to connect is profits objective to social impact. Thisable Enterprise is a specific company developed by Upnormals Group to cater to non-profit needs of profit organizations.

  • Multimedia & Publication
  • Upnormals Publishing is created to publish abnormal and disruptive ideas of people within Upnormals Group. Upnormal Publishing focuses on game-changing and breakthrough publications that disrupt the normal boring marketing industry.
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